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Friday, September 30, 2011

Using Scotch Tape to Avoid a Fashion Faux Pas

As I slowly get closer to my pre-baby bod, I do what I can to fit into my clothes.  There are still some outfits that are a bit too snug and others that bulge in spots.  But no matter what my size, I'll always need to have some garments tailored.

Instead of spending money on a prossional tailor, I've figured out a way to do some minor alterations without picking up a needle and thread.  I explain in my beauty video blog, sometimes all you need is a little scotch tape.

Another link for you cell phone users:


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Izzy Diane's Bowtique Photoshoot

Princess models for Izzy Diane's Bowtique

Weather Anchor Mama

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Things Get Out of Whack

I pride myself in being organized and having everything together.  But, this week has been a nightmare so far.  Okay, I maybe exaggerating a bit.  But, a change in schedule has caused everything to slip out of alignment.

When I was informed that I would be working behind the scenes for weather training, I thought "cool."  It's nice to be able to switch things up a little.  But that would have been true before having Princess.  I always knew that kids need routine, and this week has proven that statement to be true.  Instead of working my normal evening shift, I've been arriving earlier in the day.  Little did I know that I'd be throwing my daughter's schedule out of whack.

Everything from her sleep time, to morning breakfast, and bed time has been flipped upside down.  She's also been spending the entire day at daycare which has made her cranky.  Don't get me wrong, she loves it there.

However, she's used to being dropped off and picked up a certain time.  She's also not accustomed to seeing me when she gets home.  What is normally a nice evening with her grandma has become a cry fest!  She goes nuts the moment she sees me, and the cries won't stop until I pick her up.  The thing is...I need to get some studying done, among other things.

Once her daddy arrives the crankiness continues for the rest of the night.  I know that kids need structure and routine.  But who would have thought that a few days of work schedule changes would mean throwing my baby girl routine out of whack?  I can't wait to return to my regular shift!  Has this ever happened to you?

Weather Anchor Mama


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Much Needed Break

When I found out that some friends of mine from work would be leaving, I was overcome with both joy and sadness.  I'm so happy they'll be moving on in their careers, but bummed that I won't get to see them at work anymore.  That's the nature of the biz!  It's common for someone to have to accept a gig out of state.  I've been fortunate enough to maintain a career here in New York.  But those who may be considering a job in TV, should be open to relocate at the drop of a hat.  It's expected that folks will be moving on at some point.

When I was invited to their going away parties, I was a bit hesitant.  Not because I didn't want to go, it would mean not tucking my baby girl in that night.  One of the toughest parts about being a mom is having to split your time.  I'm often torn.  One side of my brain says, "Go have fun!  You deserve to be out with friends!"  While the other side says, "Are you crazy?  You can't be out there droppin' it like it's hot, when you have a baby at home!"

After discussing it with my hubby, it was a go.  After all, I won't be working with these two lovely ladies anymore.  It's only right that I support them as they move on in their careers.

It was a bit tough because I'm not used to being out this late.  As a mom, I know there will be times when I may want to go out with friends.  It's not something I do all the time, but once in a while can't hurt.  Have you ever felt guilty having to choose between going out with friends and staying home with your little one?  I wanna know!  In the meantime check out some more pics!

It was a fun night, but I paid for it the next day.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  How do you party people do it?

Weather Anchor Mama


Friday, September 23, 2011

Wardrobe Tips

One of the most challenging things about my job, aside from producing and delivering the weather forecasts, is achieving the right look.  I've demonstrated how I apply make up for TV, but getting dressed for TV is another beast in and of itself.  There are a few rules I go by, when it comes to picking the right outfit whether on or off the air.

1. Rock colors!!  No matter what your skin tone is, you can't go wrong with colors.  Unfortunately, I am limited in my selection because of the green screen.  If I decide to wear green, certain shades of yellow, teal, and turquoise then I will key out.  You'll see right through me!  If I happen to wear dark shades, I try to put some sort of color underneath to give my skin a nice pop.  But, you'll most likely see me in red, pink, orange, blue, and purple.

2.  Avoid patterns and frills.  While there are exceptions to every rule, I do feel that clothes with a lot of foo-foo-la give a bulky appearance.  If you happen to be a size zero, you can probably get away with most outfits.  But I'm not, so I have to be extra careful.  I'm an island girl who's a little bigger in the hip, butt, and thigh areas.   So, I usually go for a stream line look.

3.  Don't be afraid to show a little skin.  Hey, don't get it twisted.  I don't mean show up to work in a bikini.  But, you can go sleeveless.  If you have nice arms, why not show it off?  Have you seen our First Lady?  She looks amazing and professional in her sleeveless dresses.

4.  Be careful about choosing the right suit.  I know you're probably thinking, "This woman's crazy!" Despite what your career consultant told you, not all suits are great!  But they can be, if you choose ones that fit like a glove.  I see men and woman all the time in suits that aren't tailored correctly.  It just doesn't look good.  Check out the photo below.  I have a suit jacket that's very similar to the one on the right that I never wear because of how it photographs.  It bulges at the waist.  The one on the left looks too square.  A woman has curves!  Your suit jacket should reflect that!

5.  Reruns are ok!  Some of us are able to wear a new outfit everyday of the month/year.  Believe it or not, we TV folks repeat looks all the time.  That's why you should space your outfits out as much as possible.  I can, however, get away with repeating the same skirt/pants two to three days out of the week.  The trick is to pair your bottoms with different tops.  No one would ever know that the skirt you wore on Monday is the same one you're wearing on Wednesday.

6.  Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!  Sometimes accessories make the outfit.  It's also another way to repeat outfits.  The earring and necklace I wore the other day took attention away from the dress I wore twice in two weeks.  Plus, it gives your look an added boost.  You just have to be careful about the size of the jewelry.  Since my hair is a bit longer and my camera shots are a bit wider than the anchor close ups, I can get away with longer earings.

7.  Avoid wearing too many trendy pieces.  It's ok to have a couple of in style looks, but moderation is key.  Do you remember Cross Colors?  It was hot in the 90s.  Do you see anyone rocking that clothing line now?  I don't think so.  

I find that classic looks are the way to go because you can wear them for years.  It'll never go out of style.  

Whatever outfits and jewelry you rock, it's important to know what looks best on you.  I hope these tips are helpful.  If you have any of your own, please hit me up!  Sharing is caring:)!!

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Boutique Beauty

Check out Princess's Boutique Beauties model video!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Eating!

Everyone knows that kids could be picky eaters, my baby is no different.  Before getting ready for work, I make her meals for the day.  Preparing lunch can be challenging because of certain limitations.  Since daycare doesn't usually reheat her meals, I have to send ready to eat lunches.  I try to be creative and switch things up whenever possible.  Princess can be a bit fickle with her food, like mama.

I came up with an interesting combo that I'd like to share.  It's an apple, cucumber, and cream cheese sandwich.  Here's how it's done:

First I cut an apple into small pieces and steam them.  I find that cooking them for about 10 minutes prevents the apples from turning brown, and it's easier for Princess to chew.  If your little one doesn't mind the tangy taste, you can add lemon juice instead.

Then I slice cucumbers into small pieces.

Once the apples and cucumbers are prepped, I spread cream cheese onto whole grain bread.

Finally, I cut the sandwich into small cubes and it's ready to be served.  Princess couldn't wait to try it.  Here's how she did:

A yummy, healthy snack!  Who knew?

If you have a tasty and healthy lunch or snack idea, please send them my way.

Weather Anchor Mama


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fighting the Frizz & Maintaining Body

Being a workin' mom aint always easy.  My Princess makes it impossible for me to apply make up and do my hair.  So, I've developed a system that allows me to get it all done in a timely fashion.

I used to get ready during her nap time, but her body clock has changed in the last couple of months.  Now I  drop her off at daycare, before returning home to prep for work.  Make up is usually done in ten to 15 minutes, but styling my hair can be a little tricky sometimes.  The weather plays a huge part.  The rain and humidy that we've been dealing with in New York aren't exactly ideal conditions for my hair.  To fright the frizz and maintain body here's what I do:

Weather Anchor Mama


Princess Says, "Hi!"

Princess has been waving hi for 2 months now, but this week she actually "SAYS HI!"

Weather Anchor Mama


Monday, September 19, 2011

Standing Tall!

As with many other days, I wanted to take a few snap shots of Princess this morning before heading off to daycare.  When I put her down, I noticed that she stood up all by herself!  I immediately thought, "It's gotta be the shoes!"  But I then realized that it was all her!

She has been standing with little or no support for the last couple months or so.  But, today was the longest she's ever lasted without holding on to anything.  As you can see, she was more shocked than I was.

Weather Anchor Mama


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nursing Diaries (Part Three)

"Introducing the Bottle"

As the saying goes: "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get your prince."  Well my Princess had to drink from many bottles, before finding the right one.

Within the first couple weeks of having my daughter nursing became second nature.  Getting up for nighttime feedings were tough, as you parents already know.  But, I knew what I was getting into and complaining about it was out of the question.  Nonetheless, my little Princess and I were doing just fine.  That was until we had our first doctor visit.  I told the pediatrician that I planned on returning to work, and asked about the best time to introduce the bottle.  He told my hubby and I that we basically should start right away.  He then said, "If you don't, she may never take the bottle!"  The thought of not being able to go back to work because my daughter wouldn't take the bottle was absolutely terrifying.  That actually happened to a close friend of mine.  After a few weeks of exclusively breastfeeding, her daughter refused to drink from the bottle.  So she had no choice, but to quit her job in order to nurse.  I applaud her for doing that because if it came down to it, I'd do the same thing.  But, I also made a commitment to return to work after my twelve-week maternity leave.  It wouldn’t have been an easy decision to become a stay at mom.  So on that note, my hubby and I took the doctor's advice and got the baby bottle introduction rollin'.

I didn't realize that it would be so difficult.  We had tons of bottles that were gifted to us at our baby shower.  We first went with the Tommee Tippee newborn starter set.  I read good reviews and figured it would be the right choice for my baby girl.

I also read that the bottle was designed with a woman's nipple in mind. It has a wide nipple base, it's flexes and stretches like the breast, and produces less air build-up.  Princess had already been dealing with a lot of gas, so I thought that this would definitely help.  Not!!! Milk leaked everywhere, and it was clear that Princess didn't like drinking from this bottle. It was a complete mess! I ended up having to return the set. I knew that introducing the bottle would take some time, but I never really thought we would have to go through a bunch of different ones.  

My sis had also given me left over unused bottles from our baby shower. We tried those and Princess wouldn't drink from it either. There were a bunch of others that also didn't work out.  I was beginning to lose hope when I remembered the bottles that came with my Madela Pump.  I filled one with breast milk and my hubby gave it to her. She loved it! 

  Who knew that babies had a bottle preference? It was like auditioning for a role! Finally, everything was working out. My hubby and I even develop a system where we would give her one bottle every other day, and he'd be the one who fed her. Since I was nursing, it was only right that he experience feeding time.  It also further strengthened their daddy daughter bond.

Nursing was still my top priority and I didn't want to overdue the bottle-feeding in the beginning. I heard that some babies end up losing interest in nursing completely, if that happens. That's when nursing and pumping became my routine. I began expressing milk and storing it in the freezer.  

I am a planner who likes to keep things in order, call me crazy. But, you never know what can happen. I could be sick and need to take medication (which could affect milk supply and/or my baby), or I could have to work late.  I believe it's great to have extra breast milk handy.  Besides, pumping and nursing kept my milk supply up. 

Princess still prefers drinking from Madela bottles, and I am still nursing.  Of course, every baby is different and I am in no way endorsing any of the products mentioned above.  But whether you're a stay at home mom or work outside of the home, I think it's so important to let your baby be the judge.  Some nursing moms may choose to introduce the bottle with formula, while others pump their own milk.  Either way, you may have to go through a few bottles before finding that right one.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Princess's Birthday Celebration (Take 2)

One of the best part about being a mom is all the cool things I get to do for my baby girl.  She celebrated her first birthday last month.  You may remember my previous post, "Princess's 1st Birthday Celebration." We had a little get together with close family and friends.  Since then I've been feverishly working at putting together my gift to her.

I've heard some people say that planning a birthday party for a one year old is a complete waste of time.  They say that babies won't be able to remember anything years later.  I have to admit, that's true.  That's why I chose to put together a recap video for her.  Years from now she'll see how much she was loved.  Not only by her mommy and daddy, but by everyone.

I hope that by sharing her birthday video with you all, you too may be inspired to get creative.  Whether it's putting together a video for your little one, a photo album, or even a scrapbook.  What ever you choose to do, your little one will surely appreciate it down the road.  By baby girl continues to inspire me everyday.  So, without further adieu, check out her birthday recap video.  Please feel free to send along comments.  She'll read it someday and appreciate it.  Thanks for reading and watching!!

Bday Celebration from Weather Anchor Mama on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crazy Week So Far!

I can't say that I've been having a great week so far.  I've been having a lot of computer troubles at work, which can be very frustrating.  But my cunundrums reached a crescendo when I realized late last night that I had two exams and a quiz due in the morning.  Plan A was to finish up the quiz when I got in last night, but that didn't happen.  Princess has a tendency to wake up around 1 am and last night was no different.

My only other option was to put plan B in motion.  It meant taking Princess to daycare earlier than usual in order to complete everything before the noon deadline.  But of all mornings she didn't want to get out of bed.  Baby girl was so tired, and I felt bad having to wake her up.  It was either let her sleep some more or wake her up.  I chose the latter.  She wasn't too happy, but I had no choice.  From breakfast to washing up and getting dressed, she wasn't having it.  It's like the stars were not aligned.  By the time I got in the car I realized my gas tank was on empty.  The display read that I had 25 miles left.  With daycare just a few minutes away, I would be able to make there and back.  The best part about the day was that as soon as we got out of the car, Princess was happy as can be.

By the time I returned home it was after 10 AM.  I had less than two hours to make deadline.  I hurried through the quiz and the first exam.  But when I got to the last test, I was at a loss for words.  Nothing made sense.  The questions looked extremely foreign.  I didn't recognize anything from the assignments or previous quizes we had.  I fired off an emergency email to the professor hoping he could help.  But he basically said that other students had the same concerns and I should make sure to keep up with the emails in the future.  "Huh?" I asked myself.  I don't need a scolding, "just tell be where these questions are coming from."  I called a classmate in a panic and she was so sweet to direct me to the right location.  I breathed a sigh of relieve, but I quickly went back into panic mode once I realized that I only had thirteen minutes left to finished the twenty question exam.  Ahhhh!!!!

On top of all that, I had only one hour to get dressed, buy gas, and make it in to work.  I barely made it there on time.  Overall the day was a total disaster!  I did great on the quiz, but bombed the two exams.  I'm too embarassed to reveal my grade, so please don't ask.

Gosh, life has become a juggling act, and this day proved just that.  I have to get my act together and pass these classes.  Thanks for reading.

Weather Anchor Mama


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Reunited and It Feels So Good"

I love my career as a weather anchor. But I feel that my most important roles are being a wife and mom. My husband and I are a team. We have a great parenting system already set up. We support each other in how we raise our daughter. There are times we may disagree, but we never let her know it. She may only be one-year-old, but she can be a skilled manipulator. Trust me, kids catch on quickly. If I say she can't have anymore ice cream, she'll go to daddy thinking he'd give her more. Little does she know, daddy and I have a game plan set up. I can never imagine my hubby and I being at odds with one another. We never bring up the "D" word.

However, divorce is quite common in our society. There are some parents, whether married or not, who may have a hard time playing for the same team. There could be one playing for the Mets, while the other plays for the Yankees.

I recently came across a story that brought me to tears. It's about a woman who was reunited with her son after twelve years. At only five years old he was taken away by his dad, after a custody battle.  My hubby and may have disagreements from time to time.  But, I can't imagine going through a major dispute that would lead to one of us running off with our daughter. But, it happened to this women.  With the help of Facebook they were able to meet again. Check out their story.

Weather Anchor Mama


Monday, September 12, 2011

Princess's 1st Birthday Celebration Promo

Here's a sneak peek at Princess's Bday recap.  I'll be posting the entire video this Friday.  Don't forget to check back!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Some Princess Model Pics!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Grapes to Strawberries!

This past weekend marked the unofficial end to Summer, which means Autumn is not to far away and the kiddies head back to school.  Today Princess began the fall semester at daycare as a strawberry (aka the toddlers).  She spent her infant months as a grape, where she was taught motor skills.  Now she'll be learning to walk, among plenty of other things.
Rather than sleeping in the crib (which she doesn't like), she'll be sleeping on a mat.  I must admit, it's bitter sweet.  I'm glad my baby girl is growing up, but I'll miss her as an infant.  I promised myself I wouldn't shed a tear, and I haven't.  Instead I choose to enjoy this new milestone.  You know me, I could resist taking some pics on her first day.

It's been bit chilly, so wearing a sweater was a must.  Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a few more days of warm temps before the cold sets in.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

I Consider This a Milestone

We consider a baby's first word an important milestone.  In fact, there are so much more I can think of that are huge moments for any baby. 

Princess didn't exactly celebrate her walking milestone just yet, but she came very close to it.  My hubby and I assembled the stroller her grandma gave her.  With her new bestie (courtesy of Aunt Ettle) strapped in, she pushed the stroller on her own!  We had been trying to get her to do it over the weekend, but she wasn't quite ready.  She would try pushing it while sitting down.  It was so cute!  Princess finally did it all on her own, and I wanted to share a video I took. 

She is well on her way to walking all by herself. 

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Taking Matters into My Own Hands

With a baby, it's so hard keeping up with everything.  Hanging out with friends has taken a back seat.  But, who would have thought that I would have less time to do the most simple things.  Taking a shower, working out, painting my nails are just some of the things that have become a major task.  I had planned to get my hair done this weekend, but ended up over sleeping.  So, there was no way I could make the trip out to Brooklyn without ruining my entire weekend plans.  Some people ask why go all the way out to Brooklyn?  The truth is that I've had my hair done by the same lady since I was twelve years old and I refuse to go elsewhere.  I know it's a long trip, that's why I wake up at the crack of dawn and I'm usually back home by 10 AM.  The earlier I get to Brooklyn, means the ealrier I get back home to spend time with my family.  However, Instead of waking up at seven, I woke up at nine which meant that I would be in the salon most of the afternoon.

There's something about waiting to get my hair done in the salon that freaks me out.  I can't describe it.  I feel like I'm gonna have an anxiety attack waiting for my hair to dry.  When I go, I try to leave as quickly as possible.  I even bring my own rollers and leave with my hair wet, just so I won't have to sit under the dryer.  Anyway, it's been over two months and I was dying for a touch up.  Since I missed my appoinment, I decided to do the craziest thing...  apply my own relaxer!  I went to the store and bought a perm kit.  Rather than go all out with the strong stuff, I got the kiddie perm.  It's mild and doesn't burn.

My hubby tought I was insane for attempting this, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  The last thing he said before taking Princess out for a walk, "I hope you have all your hair by the time we  get back."  They clearly had a good time while I was home praying my hair wouldn't fall out.

I followed the instructions, applied the perm to my roots, rinsed, washed, and roller set my hair.  I can tell my hair was in bad shape because it had been falling out.  It was so hard at the roots that the comb literally broke, while I was combing through my mane.

Once I was finished, I sat under that dryer on and off throughout the evening.  It took about an hour and a half in total.  When I took the rollers out, I examined the finished product.  I wasn't expecting salon quality results, but I was hoping for an improvement.  I didn't do a horrible job, but it wasn't great either.  My hair pretty much feels the same.  Don't get me wrong I'm happy to be nappy, but not at the price of losing my hair. For those of you who aren't familiar with relaxers, it's important to get a touch up every six to eight weeks.   If you don't, then the already permed ends will fall out because the root is a completely different texture.  If it were up to me, I'd go all natural.  But my hair would be so hard to manage.

This may be the first and last time I take matters into my own hands.  I'll soon be back at the salon at the crack of dawn for my touch up.

Weather Anchor Mama

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