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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's Princess Saying?

Princess loves this book. It's based on Bob Marley's song, One Love. Share


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Call Me a Hot Mess Mama

I thought the older a child gets, the easier it would be.  Since moving up to oranges this week, it's quite the opposite.  It seems like the older my baby girl gets, the more crap we have to lug to daycare.  I stayed up mad late Sunday night getting all her things ready for her classroom switch.  I made a list to help me stay on track.
üThree change of outfits
ü4 regular cups (no more sippee cups)
üWater shoes (which her daddy had to run out and get at the last minute)
üBeach towel
üPortable crib sheet and blanket
üPull-ups (they assist with potty training whoo-hoo!)

When we woke up the next morning, it started raining so hard you'd think the world was ending.  Lightning littered the skies and the sound of thunder made me want to crawl under the bed.  Hey, just because I cover the weather doesn't mean I'm one of those weather junkies that would get in a car and chase tornadoes.  I'd rather be the one out in the heat.  I love the hot weather!  Anyway, Princess was terrified and kept asking, "What happened?"  I gave her a quick lesson about thunder and lightning as I brushed her teeth.

When it came to getting dressed, it took her forever.  Thank goodness I got her bag ready the night before.  All I had left to prepare was her lunch.  We were running so far behind.  After breakfast, I literally grabbed everything (including Princess) and jetted out the door.

Her teachers probably thought I was a crazy lunatic when we arrived.  One was straight clocking me!  I caught another one scoping me up and down!

When I got home and took one look in the mirror, I was like oh snap!  Guess what I saw?  My reflection staring back at me.  Yikes!

No wonder these teachers were looking at me all crazy!  I looked like a hot mess!

Let's be real.  Who has time to get all dolled up just to take their kid to school?  Clearly I don't.  Can you tell I was wearing my husband's underwear?

Weather Anchor Mama


Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Summer Fun

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'll be focusing on family fun this summer.  I'll be highlighting kid friendly places the whole family could enjoy.  So far, we've been to the zoo.  But this weekend, we chose to keep it simple.  We live near the water, and decided to take Princess for a walk to our neighborhood park overlooking the Atlantic.

She had so much fun running around, playing on the monkey bars, and going down the slide.  This is the fun side of parenting.  It's great being able to watch her enjoy herself, and spend time together.  The best part is that this trip didn't cost a dime.

Do you have any fun activities planned for your kiddos this summer?

Weather Anchor Mama



Friday, June 22, 2012

They Sent My Baby Home in a Dirty Diaper

One of the toughest parts of being a working mom is having to leave my child in someone else's hands.  I've always been happy with Princess's daycare.  The teachers have been attentive, and she's made some friends.  As is usually the case, there are there are times when I'd find unexplainable bruises.  I normally chalk it up to tots being tots.  Children play and get bumps all the time.  As long as she doesn't need stitches, I'm ok.  Most importantly, she's ok.  However I couldn't contain my anger, after getting a disturbing phone call from my mom.

Side bar: my mom usually freaks out about Princess not having her hat.  It could be 75 degrees with a UV index of 3 (which means very little sun), and dry weather.  She still wants Princess to have a hat along with a sweater, just in case.

But when she tells me about Princess's diaper being wet, I'm the one that freaks out.  Apparently, she hadn't been changed in hours.  Her diaper was so full that it leaked onto her onsie and bloomers.  The worse part is that this would be the second day in a row of "dirty diapergate."  In this record heat that we've had in the last couple days?  Bump that!
This is one of the outfits she wore 

Before my mom could even finish explaining, I hang up and call her daycare.

"To have a toddler in a dirty diaper, leaking everywhere is not ok."  The lady I spoke with apologizes profusely and says she'll have a talk with the person responsible.   I know Princess regular teacher leaves early in the day.  So, I don't know who dropped the ball.

At the end of the day, my baby is ok.  It just sucks!  Being away from her and having to work can be tough, especially when things like this happen.  I guess one can never have the perfect balance.

Just to let you know, it ain't over.  I'm gonna have to go in and have another chat to make sure this doesn't happen again.  "I don't play dat!"

What would you do?

Weather Anchor Mama


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shaving With Shea Moisture

No more shaving with Soap!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jay-Z & Kanye West Over The Late Great Michael Jackson? Say Word!?

Like every one of our fun drives to daycare, Princess shouts "song, song, my song."  That's her way of telling mommy to play some Whitney Houston.  We love to sing along to Million Dollar Bill.  But, today I opted for the radio instead.  Katie Perry's Last Friday Night comes blasting through the speakers.  We dance and she tries to mouth the words.  Then the music ends.

The happy tune is quickly replaced by Michael Jackson's Pretty Young Thing, and she starts going nuts!  "How can you not like Michael Jackson?" I ask through the rare view mirror.

She shoots me the "mom you're crazy look" and continues to fuss.  That's when I put on Jay-Z and Kanye featuring Frank Ocean.  She gets excited and attempts to sing along.  She repeats up the words "sweet Jesus" and is happy as can be.

Good, but interesting song choice.  What kind of music are your kiddos in to?

Weather Anchor Mama

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day at the Bronx Zoo

With summer just around the corner, I've been thinking of ways to enjoy some family fun.  Then I  thought, "Wouldn't it be great to do a Summer Family Fun series?"

Throughout the summer I'll be highlighting some exciting places.  My blog is about balancing career and motherhood (and a ton of other things).  It's always a challenge to squeeze in some quality time with my hubby and Princess.  For Father's Day weekend I wanted to do something that we've never done before.  So, we visited The Bronx Zoo!

I can't remember the last time I visited the zoo.  It might have been in elementary school.  Now that we have  Princess, I wanna to do things that combine learning with lots of fun.  Kicking off our Summer Family Fun series at the Bronx Zoo was perfect! (even though summer officially arrives on Wednesday)

Princess is a huge fan of shows like Dora the Explorer and Diego.  She loves learning about different animals.  When we got there, she kept saying "tiger."  We made a b-line for the tiger exhibit.

We also stopped by to check out the bear, deer, and giraffe exhibits to name a few.  But, our favorite was the Dora and Diego 4-DAdventure.  It combined a high-definition 3-D film with wind, mist, scents and dramatic lighting effects to make you feel like you're apart of the journey.

What a long day!  Not only did we have a blast, we also got in a pretty good workout.  I think we walked a few miles around the zoo.  Princess was so pooped-she didn't even make it through dinner.

Stay tuned for part two of our Summer Family Fun series!

How did you spend Father's Day?

Weather Anchor Mama


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amanda Bynes Charged With DUI

It broke my heart when I read that former Nickelodeon star turned fashion designer, Amanda Bynes, had been charged with one count of misdemeanor  DUI, according to TMZ.  It's also alleged that she was involved in a couple hit and run accidents, which she hasn't been charged.

  The starlet took to twitter with this message to President Obama:

I've had the pleasure of interviewing Bynes on a couple of occasions.  You can't know everything about a person in such a short time.  But, she seemed to be a sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders.  While Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were in the news every other day about something scandalous, she was busy acting and promoting her clothing line. During my chat with Bynes, I remember asking her about how she avoided pitfalls so many other young celebs find themselves in.   She answered the question with conviction.  This young lady was about her business.  Now that she's wrapped up in this DUI scandal, it makes me wonder.  How can these young celebrities stay clean and out of trouble?

Bynes has clearly denied drinking under the influence, and says that she can prove her sobriety.  According to Page Six of the New York Post, she plans to have friends testify on her behalf, and also provide camera footage.  The star allegedly refused a breathalyzer test initially, but later tested negative at the station.  Some have claimed she has been a bit out of it.  I hope for her sake that this has all been a misunderstanding.

Here's a link to my interview with Amanda Bynes.

Do you believe Amanda Bynes was sober?  What are your thoughts on young Hollywood, and the example they set for our little ones?

Weather Anchor Mama


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Can't Let the Rain Get in the Way!

It was a pretty soggy day. But, we managed to squeeze in some outdoor fun!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let Me Tell You Something About Black Girls

Weather Anchor Mama 



Monday, June 11, 2012

Assaulted at a Mom & Pop Shop

Ok, I'll admit that I can be annoying.  I have a tendency to question things.  I am also quick to speak up when something or someone is wrong.  Does it make me a bad person?  Does it make me disrespectful or crazy?  Well, apparently some may think so.

I often visit this local Korean spot in my old neighborhood.  You know, the little market that sells all the fruits, veggies, fish, and Caribbean stuff.  It's where I purchase all my Jamaican food and spices.  On our way home, my hubby and I decide to stop off at the little shop that my family and I have frequented for years.  I want to pick up some great nut ice cream, one of Princess's favorite flavors.  When I get there, the lady says they are all out.  I end up buying a few things there anyway, and convince my hubby to stop by the other store (owned my the same family).  Hey, if one doesn't have great nut ice cream, maybe the other one would.

We get there just by the skin of out teeth.  It's almost Princess's bed time and want to give her a little treat before hitting the sack.  I go to the back of the store, open the freezer, and I see the container of ice cream staring back at me.  I bring it to the counter, whip out my debit card to pay for it.  Instead of ringing me up, the lady points to the sign and says in broken English "Ten dolla!" Being the inquisitive and outspoken person that I am I question the reason for the minimum purchase.

"I've been coming here for years.  There was never a minimum charge to use a debit card.  When did this happen?"  I ask.

With an attitude she repeats, "Ten dolla, debit!"

I respond half joking/half serious, "I feel like I'm on a show.  I'm seriously having a Seinfeld moment."

A customer begins to defend the lady by telling me to read the sign.  "I have no trouble reading.  I can read the sign just fine.  They aren't allowed to do this" I reply.  I also tell the guy to mind his own business.  That's when things get heated.

The guy then says to me,"You're f******* crazy."

I couldn't believe my ears.  It becomes a three on one match up.  Even though I am out numbered, I thank god my hubby and daughter are in the car.  I wouldn't want her to see this and I know how my hubby can get.  In the midst of all this I try to tell them that I'm not there to argue.  I just don't remember there being a minimum required purchase to use a debit or credit card.  Then the lady tells me to give back the items (after my purchase).  I tell her it's ok.  There's no need to return them.

I'm here thinking she's so annoyed by me that she wants her stuff back.  She then comes from behind the counter, grabs me, and rips the bag from out of my hands.  I couldn't believe it!  By this time the disrespectful customer has already made his exit.  It's just me, the lady, and her son (who speaks perfect English).

So many different thoughts are racing through my head.  "Why are you doing this?" I ask.  After what seems like an eternity, I look at my receipt which read invalid and everything started to add up.

I unknowingly entered the wrong pin.  It's an honest mistake on my part.  But, there's no reason for her to put her hands on me.  I feel so violated.  In this struggling economy I do my best to support the local mom and pop shops.  It wouldn't be fair to pull the race card because the customer who cursed at me is a black Jamaican (like myself).  Although the woman doesn't speak English, her son does and could have translated.  After giving them a piece of my mind, I leave the store in tears.  What makes things worse is that my daughter hears be crying in the back seat, and then begins to cry.  It breaks my heart!

I'd like to think this is all a misunderstanding.  But, I don't think I'll be going back there anymore.  The next time I want great nut ice cream or any thing else Caribbean, I'll just hit up C-Town.

I may have a tendency to questions things, but it doesn't make be a bad person.  I just speak up for what I believe in and there's nothing wrong with that.

After contacting consumer affairs to investigate the matter, I received this note of apology from the Korean mom and pop shop.  The moral of this story is always stand up for what you believe in and you'll get results.  I still don't think I'll go back to this place, though.

Weather Anchor Mama



Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Faces Many Faces

Have you ever paid attention to the expressions your little one makes.  If I count, there would probably be thousands of different faces.  She's able to somewhat articulate how she feels, but sometimes she doesn't have to say anything.  I know exactly what she's thinking and how she's feeling.  Here are some snapshots I took this week.  See if you can guess what she's thinking.

How often do you capture your kiddos many faces?

Weather Anchor Mama


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Finally Gave in

Short of taking a brillo pad to scratch the heck out of my face and neck, I finally gave in and shampooed my wig.  Whenever I itch, I know it's time.

Now, I'm no wig connoisseur.  I was a bit apprehensive to get it wet.  I didn't want to ruin it.  Besides, I don't know the first thing about how to care for it.

This has been a learn as you go type of transition journey thus far.  You probably remember me warding off all hair care products with ingredients like parabens and sulfates.  But in this case, it didn't matter.  In fact, I made use of my left over Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

Shame on me for not buying the wig head, as many people have recommended.  But Princess so graciously allowed her mama to use her teddy in the meantime.  I wasn't sure whether to blow or air dry, so chose the latter.

I thought this was gonna be simple.  Boy was I wrong!  I washed and conditioned Janasia  (as I affectionately call her. haha)  when I got home from work.  By the time I woke up the next morning she still wasn't dry!  I had to think fast.  So on our way to daycare, I strapped her in the passenger seat and opened up the front windows and sunroof.

 It was a pretty nice day.  I was hoping the breeze would help.  That didn't work.  I ended up leaving her in the car when I returned home.  I opened up all the windows and kept the sunroof open.  I made it by the skin of my teeth.  I added some heated rollers and voila!

Not a bad turnout.  But, I've got a lot to learn about caring for my True Indian Hair.

Let's hope the itching goes away.  If not, then I got bigger fish to fry.

How to you care for your wigs/extensions?

Weather Anchor Mama


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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow Says the N-Word

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Gwyneth
It's no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, and Jay-Z are besties.  But when I read a recent article on that Paltrow tweeted the n-bomb when referring to a photo of the hip hop power couple, I cringed.  Then I thought, there must be some mistake.  I couldn't imagine her saying, writing, or even  thinking the n-word.  I for one have never used it.

Growing up it was cool to call each other the n-word.  I really never understood why.  If you ask some black folks they'd probably say, "We reinvented the word and gave it a new meaning."  I personally think that's B-S.  I never tolerated being called the n-word, no matter the context and no matter the person.  As much as I love hip hop, I always try to get clean versions of everything.  I'm not always successful, but I do try.  The bottom line is that I hate the word.  I don't buy into the 'new meaning' mumbo jumbo.  It's bad enough that I hear my own people using the word.  But it's worse when I hear white people say it.  I thought Paltrow would retract the tweet or at least apologize.  However according to the Yahoo article, she defended herself by saying that she was just quoting the title of a song.

Hip hop plays a major role in the world.  Some rappers may claim that they've taken the power out of the word, but why can't they just stop using it?  We don't need hip hop artists giving white folks the green light to drop the n-bomb.  By omitting from their music, we won't have to deal with idiot comments like Paltrow's, and we won't be left dumb founded when trying to explain it to our kids.

What are your thoughts on the n-word?  Do you talk to your kids about the n-word?

Weather Anchor Mama


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Friday, June 1, 2012

Do You Have to be Black & Trashy to Win an Oscar?

Only a select few have had the honor of winning an Academy Award.  Taking home the golden statue is no easy feat, especially for black women.  Let's face it, there just aren't that many roles for us in Hollywood.  Many of the films I watch mostly have an all white cast.  Sometimes, 'there's even a bit of color sprinkled in just to keep us happy' (as I like to say).  But when Halle Berry took home the Best Actress award on March 24, 2002 for her performance in "Monster's Ball," I felt like I won the darn thing.  I thought for sure it would open up so many doors for women of color in Hollywood.

However, I can't say that the flood gates have opened up for more black roles.  In fact, there is still a lot more fighting left to be done.  I feel that black women are highly overlooked when it comes to roles in Hollywood, and it makes me angry when people try to put our sistas down.  In a recent Uptown Magazine article, actress Michelle Rodriguez stated "you have to be trashy and black to get nominated. You can’t just be trashy.”  I had to read the quote a few times to make sure I didn't misunderstand the sentence.  I've seen "Monster's Ball."  While some scenes are a bit racy, I think Halle did a great job at playing Leticia.  I wouldn't consider it trashy.

Hattie McDaniel, Whoppi Goldberg, Jennifer Hudson, Mo'Nique, and Octavia Spencer have all received the Academy Award for supporting roles.

Hattie McDaniel courtesy of

Halle Berry

Whoopi Goldberg courtesy

Jennifer Hudson courtesy

Mo'Nique courtesy
Octavia Spencer courtesy

I don't recall any of their roles being trashy either.  I find it extremely disrespectful when anyone tries to diminish their hard work by saying nasty things like that.  It's just not right!  These women made history and they'll continue to pave the way for other black actresses in the future.  The first Academy Awards happened in 1929.  There have only been a few black actresses to win an Oscar.  That's sad.

My daughter will certainly learn about these historical black women who contributed to breaking down the color lines in hollywood.  Also, the important lesson here is -'don't hate...appreciate.'  It's better to give props and not try to tear others down.  Otherwise you just come off looking bitter.  That's certainly something I'll be passing on to Princess.

What do you think about Michelle Rodriguez's comment?

Weather Anchor Mama


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