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Monday, April 30, 2012

Nas Delivers a Strong Message to Dads

The other day my husband sends me an email with a link to Nas’ new single, Daughter’s.  He later follows up with this text:  “I can’t stop thinking about this song.  You gotta listen to it.”

As parents, we like to think that our kids can do no wrong.  If and when they do, we often ask ourselves “where did I go wrong?”  In Nas’ new single, Daughter’s, he admits to being a bad parent.

In the track Nas talks about poor choices his 17 year-old daughter, Destiny, makes.  He also mentions her promiscuity in his lyrics,
“she planted a box of condoms on her dresser then she instagrammed it
  at this point I realized I ain’t the strictest parent.  I’m too loose, I’m too
  cool with her.”

Nas and a young Destiny, courtesy of
After hearing this song, I am left thinking of my own style of parenting.  I am told by some that I am a strict.  But, I don't care.  I wouldn't want Princess to go down the wrong path when she gets older.   My hubby and I will do our best to prevent that from happening.  But, the reality is that parenting isn’t easy.  I'm sure there will be tough times.  We all know that kids don’t come with manuals.    But, we do the best we can.  In Nas' case, he became a father at a young age.  While he admits to making wrong choices in life, he doesn't want other men to make the same mistakes.

A girl’s father is the first male figure in her life, which sets the tone for the other men who come into her life.  Women often end up with guys who are like their dads.  If there’s no positive male influence in her life, she could end up looking for love in all the wrong places.  I wouldn’t want the same for my daughter.  Some people say you can’t plan to have kids, but I beg to differ.  A situation like Nas and Destiny is one that I’ve always tried so hard to avoid.  I’m grateful that I have a wonderful husband, who’s also a great father.  Unfortunately, some females are so lucky. 

Some may feel that Nas’ is putting is entire family on blast.  But, I don’t see it that way at all.  I give props to him for admitting fault.  He’s speaking out to all men to be positive role models in the daughter’s lives.  It’s obviously made an impact on my husband.  

Having a great father-daughter relationship will likely lead to girls making better decisions in life.  I’ve seen too many go down the wrong path because of the lack of a positive male figure in their lives.  I almost became one of those girls.  But, I’ll tell that story at a later time.  The message I wish to deliver right now in this post is one to my daughter.

To my baby girl:
You have a great daddy, who loves you and will always be there for you.

I also hope that men listen to this song, and feel inspired to make better decision for the sake of their daughters.

Check out Nas' single Daughters here.  Would love to know your thoughts.

Weather Anchor Mama


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surprise Visit

All the parents were invited for snack time at daycare.  I was feeling bummed that I couldn't visit Princess for milk and cookies.  Her daddy had the day off from work, and surprised her.  As you can tell by the photo, she was super excited to see her daddy.  He made both our days!

Weather Anchor Mama


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar Great for Your Hair

Here's the final result:

Apple cider vinegar is great for cleansing, adding shine, volume, and luster to your hair.  It's also suppose to reduce hair-loss, itching scalp, and dandruff by destroying the bacteria and/or fungi that clog hair follicles.  I suffer from dry scalp and noticed a difference after using apple cider vinegar on my hair.  The smell is also a bit potent, but does go away after a while.

Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar on your hair?

Weather Anchor Mama


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is This Sexual?

My hubby, Princess, and I are out shopping for bed sheets.  I ask the sales lady if they sell satin sheets.  She says no.  Then I ask if I can purchase them online.  She says, "the only place I know that sells satin sheets is Victoria's Secret."

Then my hubby says to me, "Are satin sheets a sexual thing?"
I reply, "I don't know."

Now I'm really wondering are they?  The only reason I want to get some is because I hear that satin pillows won't pull out your hair.  So I figure why not just get the whole set.

What do you think?  Are satin sheets a sexual thing?

Weather Anchor Mama


Friday, April 20, 2012

Appreciating Mother Nature

We celebrate Earth Day this coming Sunday, but Princess's daycare decided to celebrate a little early.  Her homework is to bring something in from the outdoors.  Picking some flowers seems like the perfect thing to do, since we're celebrating nature.

 I'm thinking of doing something earthy this weekend.  Do you celebrate Earth Day?

Weather Anchor Mama

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Falling off the Wagon

I've written before about my plan to get back to the old me.  Truth be told, I've fallen off the wagon.  Between work, classes, Princess, I rarely have time to care for myself.  There is just not enough hours in the day!

From the time I wake up in the morning until the moment I hit the sack, I'm going full throttle.  I tell my hubby I have no time to work, and he says I'm just making excuses.  But, it's true!  I barely have time to go to the bathroom, and I'm always exhausted!  Thank goodness the semester is almost over.  Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in some gym sessions before work.  Oh, but hair!!

Now that I'm going natural how am I supposed to manage all this new growth.  I can't afford to be looking a hot mess at work!  I definitely have got to go wig shopping because I got to get back on a healthy track.

I might as well start off by eating better which means skipping desert and laying off carbs.  I hear that cleansing foods may be the way to go to jump start a healthy regimen.  It's a program that not only cleans your body, it's also supposed to aid in better long term eating habits.  You begin and end your day with a shake with supplements in between, along with a healthy lunch.  Starlets like Demi Moore and Gwenyth Paltrow have endorsed this product.  

Since I'm still nursing, I may have to put off try a new diet for now.  But, it's definitely food for thought because lord knows I need to reset my body and start from scratch.  Ahhh, the journey continues.

How do you stay healthy?

Weather Anchor Mama



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Do You Do When Your Kid Tries to Pull a Fast One?

I've had this blog for almost a year now.  I started it as a way to document my adventures of career and motherhood.  Finding balance between the two has been challenging.  But, I'm getting there.  I also hope that one day Princess will want to read it, and learn all about mommy's journey.

But, it seems like she's already doing that and more.  I happened to be surfing the web and stumbled across this site.  Apparently Princess has decided to start her own tumblr account, and already has one follower.  She thinks I have no I idea!  I thought about telling her the jig is up, but I'll let her go on thinking that she's pulling a fast one on mama.

Gotta give it her though-she's become quite savvy at posting her own pics and writing captions.  My baby girl is truly becoming independent.  Princess has even manage to steal some photos from my blog too.  This child is something else.

Kids...they seem to think they have it all figured out.  Little do they know, we're always a step ahead.  Feel free to check out My Fun Princess Life, when you have a sec.

So to answer the question, What Do You Do When Your Kid Tries to Pull a Fast One?  Sometimes it's best to let them think they're they're getting away with it, but keep a watchful eye in the distance.

Weather Anchor Mama


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Interview With a Baby Making Machine

Being a mom, wife, and career woman isn't an easy feat.  But, this twenty-something year old makes it look simple.  Jennifer Borget, aka Baby Making Mama has a knack for successfully balancing career and motherhood.  She's an anchor/reporter by day and a mom 24/7.

In her spare time, Borget writes about her journey as a mom and her many domestic pursuits in her blog, Baby Making Machine.  She began this journal in preparation for her journey toward motherhood, long before conceiving her precious Lil J.  Now Borget shares her parenting adventures thus far and proves that she's a Rockin' Mama!

I remember stumbling across your Project Pregnancy blog while I was pregnant with Princess, and was so happy to learn that you were expecting too!  It’s been great following your journey.  What inspired you to start blogging?
I write every day at work but I wanted a space where I could write about my thoughts and opinions; a place where I could ramble as long or as short as I wanted. It was a place where I could creatively express myself. I guess I really needed something like that in my life. This was all way before I was pregnant with my daughter.

Blogging is obviously a passion of yours, but I’m sure being a mom trumps that!  What do you enjoy most about being a mom?  
My favorite thing about being a mom is watching her learn things I teach her myself. And then seeing what she picked up on her own. Like saying new words or hugging me tight around my neck. I seriously feel like she amazes me daily.

You are also a full time anchor/reporter in Austin, TX, which can be a very demanding job.  How are you able to balance being a career woman, wife, and mom?
Umm, I don’t do it very well. I have better days but it’s a learning experience. The one thing I know that’s important is to focus. When I’m at work, focus on work. 100%. Don’t worry about my daughter because she’s in good hands and it’s work time. Then when I get home, close my computer, turn off my devices and give her 100%.

I’m so amazed at how much you do!  What are some of your other hobbies?
I love to read. Reading is my escape. I don’t mean reading other blogs or real-life things that make me think too much. I mean straight up fiction that takes me to another world.

As moms, we do our best to do everything and be everywhere.  But let’s face, we can’t be in two places at one time.  Sometimes we may have to ask for help.  What kind of support system do you have?
Unfortunately we don’t have any family close by, but luckily we’ve built up a support system of friends who either I work with, or my husband works with. Most are also young professionals with kids. It can take time to feel as comfortable as you do with family, but it’s so worth it when you know you have a friend’s house you can swing by at the drop of a hat.

Let’s talk relationships!  Like myself you've been married for almost 8 years, I remember reading your post “Guest Who’s Coming to Dinner: Meeting MyHusbands Parents for the First Time.”  This post hits close to home for me because I’m also in an interracial marriage.  I remember the first time meeting my husband’s family.  I wondered whether or not they’d accept me.  I’m so happy they did.  But, everyone may have a different experience.  What was it like for you?
I wondered if his family would accept me as well, but he assured me they’d love me. And they do! Same thing on my side- race quickly became an afterthought in our relationship. I forget he’s a white dude, and he’s not thinking about being married to a black woman, just being married to me.

As a mom of a beautiful biracial toddler, you’ve also written about the importance of making sure your daughter isn’t forced to pick a side.  Why is that so important?
I hated growing up and feeling like I didn’t know where I fit in. I was class president, a cheerleader, a journalism enthusiast, and pageant girl. Typically I was one of the only black girls in any of the groups. I learned to be confidant in who I am and my heritage at the same time. I want to teach that to my daughter so she can be proud of herself, and her family’s background.

On a much lighter note, you look amazing!  How were you able to shed those post pregnancy pounds so quickly?
Ha! Thanks. Umm. I think breastfeeding helped, I did some postnatal yoga from time to time. And just plain running from place to place, always being busy and not seeming to have enough time to eat. Definitely not the healthiest way to do it. Next time around I want to take the kids for daily walks, and teach them to eat healthy snacks early on (which I'll take part in).

As much as we love our kids, sometimes we need some time away.  How do you manage to squeeze in some ‘me’ time?
My husband is good about letting me get some time alone. He’ll watch her when I want to go out for a lunch with friends, though usually I’m wanting to bring her along. He also encourages me to take a spa day from time to time. Honestly, we pay for full time daycare even though she normally goes part-time. Some weeks though I’ll let her go to school for a couple hours at lunch/nap time so I can take a nap too.

What would you say is the secret to being a “Rockin’ Mama?”
I’d like to know myself! Somehow I think patience may be the answer though. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed I just remind myself to be patient, it’ll all get done, and I need to take things in strides. As my daughter embarks on the terrible twos I’m learning to be more patient with her, and keep calm as she throws her fits. Eventually I’ll have the chance to be good at all the things I want to learn to master, but it’ll take time. I’ve just gotta enjoy the journey in that direction.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Nobody’s perfect. Don’t compare yourself to other women or moms cause it’ll drive you nuts. Your kids love YOU for being mommy. Not cause you’re perfect, cause Lawd knows we’re not. 

You can also find Jennifer Borget blogging for sites like and

Weather Anchor Mama

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Monday, April 16, 2012

My Personal Guide to Taking Cute Pics

I get compliments on the pictures I post of Princess all the time.  It surprises me because I'm not even close to being a professional photographer.  I wouldn't count my stint as a one-man-band journalist (aka video journalist) early in my career expert worthy.  But, I do have a knack for taking a decent photo.

Before upgrading to a Canon T2i, I used the regular point and shoot Sony digital camera.  If you check out some of Princess's earlier pics, you'll may notice a slight difference from then to now.  All of her pics can be found under the Princess Pics tab.  I really don't have a secret to taking great images.  I just remember seeing my childhood snapshots and wonder why the person who took the shot so was far away.  I think pictures should be taken up close, especially when the subject is a child.

These are just a few things I keep in mind when taking snapshots of little ones:

1.  You can never get too close.  Tight shots are much better to look at that wide pictures.  When there's all kinds of stuff in the background, how are you suppose to see who's in the photo?  No what I mean?
2.  Get down.  Once in a while I like to experiment with different angles.  But for the most part- whenever I take pics of Princess, I get down to her level.
3.  Get rid of all distractions.  To piggy back off of my first point, it's important to avoid distracting objects that may take your attention away from the subject.
4. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!  Some may consider me a lighting bee-otch.  But, I could care less. Nothing irritates me more than bad lighting.  I'm far from being a lighting guru, but I've been a victim of horrible lighting.  I'm not talking about using the flash.  Actually, natural sunlight makes my images turn out 10 times better than any 'ol flash.  If you're outside, it's best if you pick a side.  Either shoot in the sun or the shade.  When there's a combo of the two, the outcome can be a bit funky.  I love shooting on a day when there's a bit of an overcast, which makes fighting the sun's glare so much easier.
5.  Finally, the key to taking great pics is to have fun.  I don't force Princess to take pics.  We just have a blast!  It's about making funny faces, singing songs, and just acting a fool.  If your little one is having fun, you'll notice the difference in the photos.

Here are some recent shots.  If you have any great tips, please share!

P.S.  If your images are still a hot mess, you can also spruce them up by using sites like photobucket and flickr.

Weather Anchor Mama


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Accessorizing With Huggabeans

I never really think of my little Princess as a fashion plate. People always compliment the way I dress her, and ask where I get her clothes. Every now and again one of her teachers would say, "A parent wanted to know where you bought this." I respond- "It was a gift." I have sweet family members who enjoy buying her cute stuff.  But most times, I buy things online.  I also never buy anything unless I have a coupon and/or it's on sale.

You'd be surprised at the stuff you can come up with by searching the web. For instance, I've always been a fan of crochet hats. Princess's hair is filling out now, but I used to be anal about covering up her almost bald head to prevent her from getting sick.  I'm no medical expert but I've  heard that you can be prone to illness, if your extremities are exposed to chilly weather.  So, I googled 'crochet hats,' found a company, and purchased this beanie.  

Princess can no longer fit into the hat pictured above, and I've been on the hunt for more like it.  Then I hear about Huggabeans, an online shop selling homemade and vintage items. I also visit their facebook page.  I've not only fallen in love with the cute little beanies, I've fallen in love with the cost.  Prices start at $4.50.  You can't beat that!   Now that spring is here I can't exactly have her rockin' winter hats, especially when the weather is so mild.  These crochet hats from Huggabeans are a perfect addition to Princess's budding Spring wardrobe.

These beanies blow her first set out of the water.  The old ones are plain in comparison.  I remember having the option of adding a removable clip which cost more moola! Plus, Princess has a style of removing them (yeah, she can take them apart). I like the sewn in crochet flower on Huggabeans'. I don't have to worry about her dismantling them.  

I don't necessarily go out of my way to make Princess lives up to her fashion plate reputation.  But, I will go above and beyond to make sure the quality is great and the price is right.

Know any great site that sells affordable kid stuff?

Weather Anchor Mama


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Scene From Eddie Murphy's Stand Up Put to Use

This morning Princess tells me she wants pizza.
"It's nine o'clock in the morning.  The store is closed.  We have to go to school!"
 She goes over to the refrigerator chanting, "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza."

Then I get a flashback from the stand up comedy movie, "Raw."  In it Eddie Murphy talks about wanting a hamburger from McDonalds, as a kid.  Instead of going to Mickey D's, his mom decides to make homemade burgers on wonder bread.

(The following clip has explicit language.  Sorry, couldn't find a clean version)

That's when I come up with another one of my fab ideas.
"You want pizza?  Ok then, let's make some.  It's gonna be better that the pizza at the restaurant."

She gets so excited!

Princess loves doing things on her own.  Mmmm-I wonder where she gets it from.  Anyway, I'm not one to stop her from making her own meal.  It takes the work load off of me, and besides, who says making pizza can't be fun?

Before we get started, Princess dons Daddy's t-shirt; we don't want to get sauce on her cute outfit.

With a boost from mommy, Princess puts the flat bread in the toaster.  She adds the tomato sauce, and tops it off with some cheddar cheese (we were out of mozzarella).


Eddie Murphy jokes about eating a soggy, bootleg burger.  Maybe one day Princess will do the same.  Even though she may not remember this day, there will be plenty more like this one.  Let's face it, sometimes you have to improvise.

Have you ever had to improvise your kiddos favorite restaurant meal?

Weather Anchor Mama


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday.  We sure did!  Even though Princess didn't last 15 minutes in church, we still had a blast.  All she wanted to do was play, and that's what we did.  It's not often that we get to take pics together.  So, I couldn't pass up asking her daddy to capture this great shot.

Princess's crochet hat is from Huggabeans

We later went to Grandma's house for a yummy feast.

How did you spend the holiday?

Weather Anchor Mama



Princess Dances to American Idol's Deandre

We were watching American Idol finalist, Deandre, sing for his life. Princess started dancing and I had to record it. Sorry my finger got in the way.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Co-Wash Twist Out With a Twist Experiment

I decided to pass on the pin curls and did "Chiney bump" instead. Check out the last clip for a quick explanation.

 Check out the end results.

It's not my natural hair, but I had fun experimenting.  I love having no fuss, no mess hair!

Have you tried any new hairdos lately?

Weather Anchor Mama


Friday, April 6, 2012

Hair Issues: Getting Called Into the Office

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  As a result of some hair issues, I got called into the office.  Let me explain...

I've been trying to limit the amount of heat I put on my hair.  Since committing to going natural, I want to stick with a more healthier approach.  But my job as a weather anchor could make that a bit difficult.  As I've mentioned in a previous post, there are rules with regards to hairstyles for TV.  Every station is different.  The bosses are flexible when it comes to length, and have been known to give reporters who sport curly hair a break once in a while.  But, shoulder length straight hair is the accepted look at the station I work for.  

The other day I wanted to change things up a bit, so I rocked a side ponytail.  I was pleasantly surprised when my boss told me she loved it!  "I'm on to something here," I thought.  Fast forward a couple days later and she had a complete about face with this look.
To help with my thinning hair I decided to pin the sides.  I thought it looked mad cute.  But, I was told that it doesn't look good, and that my hair too long.  I explained that I'm suffering from hair loss, and the reasoning behind the style was to avoid curling my hair.  She seemed very sympathetic and encouraged me to feel free to discuss my situation anytime.  I was grateful for the reassurance.  In fact,  I appreciated it so much that I went on to tell her that I'm growing my hair out.  "Do you know what that means," I asked.  She responded that she has "black friends" and proceeded to tell me about a former New York City anchor, Melva Tolliver, the first black woman to ever rock natural curls.  She googled a recent picture of the former anchor and said, "she's gone wild!"  Apparently, her more recent naturally gray curly tresses were a departure from the small afro from back in the day.

I won't say anymore about that statement.  As an on-air personality looking to take that natural leap, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to tell boss lady about my master plan.  During the transitioning process I would like to continue wearing different styles to give me hair a break.  She responded that we'll have to take it case by case, which is cool with me.  I also mentioned that once natural, I'll stick with straight styles.  But, there may be days in which I may want to go with curls.

The response was that company policy doesn't allow for talents to constantly change their look which seems fair.  "But what if I just rock it natural?  Would that be okay?"  Apparently not.  Naturally curly hair is "too casual."

So, I've got a lot to think about.  I don't plan on giving up on transitioning.  But, I may have to get 'wiggy wit it.'  After our chat, I decided to change my hair to my normal style.

Some may view this as giving in.  I'm willing to bite the bullet on this one.  I know it'll be a bumpy ride ahead, as present more style options.  In the meantime, I shared with her this youtube link.  Who knows?  We may be on to something good.

Do you ever struggle with having to maintain a certain kind of look for a job?

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Professional Style Options While Transitioning

In my line of work it's hard to find acceptable style options while transitioning from relaxer to natural.  When it comes to the news biz, there are so many hidden rules.  The bosses won't say to your face, "We don't want you to wear your naturally curly hair."  However they would probably say, "Your hair looks much better straight."  To avoid running into legal problems, they're careful with choosing the right words.  

As my hair continues to grow, the roots are getting pretty thick.  I've been avoiding the gym recently, so that I won't have to deal with those sweaty bad hair days.  It's not so bad if I'm chillin' at the crib.  If I'm not working and my mane won't cooperate, I just rock a ponytail.  It's that simple.  But if I do have to work, there is no way that would fly.  Needless to say -as I continue on this journey, I'm gonna have to find other style options that's acceptable for work and also right for my hair.

I recently had one of those bad hair days.  Since I already applied heat earlier this week, I wanted to avoid flat ironing again.  My tresses are weak as it is, I don't want to make it worse.  So I got a hair tie from a friend at work, and put my hair in a ponytail with a more professional and elegant twist.

I was expecting boss lady to shut me down.  We're usually not allowed to rock a ponytail.  But, she said she loved it!  Maybe I'll let her in on my master plan to go natural.  Then I can experiment a bit more with different styles.  What do ya think?

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ways to Tame New Growth

One of the hardest things I've faced during this process so far is taming my new growth. Here's what I've come up with so far. Please share your ideas.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hot Date With the Knicks

My hubby is great at getting me romantic gifts.  From spa retreats to broadway plays, he knows exactly what I'm into.  But when it comes to returning the favor, I'm usually at a loss.  He never asks for anything.  He doesn't even drop hints!  Since his eyes are always glued to sports, I figured why not get him something he loves for his birthday--Knicks tickets!

After having my master plan almost falling through, I was finally able to pull this night off.  It was mad work.  I arranged for Princess to spend the night with Grandma and Auntie Sophia.

We cut it close, but we were able to make it in time for tip off.

Not your usual snack for a game.  But, we had no time for dinner and I was starving.  He had burger and fries and I had sushi with edamame.

Despite some key players being placed on the injured list, the Knicks did pretty well.  They weren't the only ones who scored big that night.

It's not easy to get my hubby excited.  But, he was over the moon at his birthday present.  He said I did good.  Who knew you can romance a guy by taking him to a sporting event?

What does your significant other consider romantic?

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